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What is the 529 Garage?

The 529 Garage is an iOS/Android mobile application and website service to easily:

  • Register your bike in a database that will work world wide
  • Report your bike in the event of a theft and notify the 529 Community
  • Send your registration info to police and insurance in the event of theft or damage
  • Search the database to ensure that a bike you are purchasing has not been reported missing
  • View the Hot Sheet of other missing bikes in your area, to keep a look out for them
  • Print registration cards and missing posters
  • Connect to fellow cyclists if you spot a missing bike
  • Transfer the registration of your bike in the event of a sale
  • Solve registry or parking software needs if you have a large population of bikes to manage, i.e. universities, rental properties, bike shops, etc.
  • Upgrade a 'local' bike registry to a hosted solution with advanced capabilities
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