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If I login using Facebook, do you get access to my friends list?

If I login using Facebook, do you get access to my friends list?

Let us assure you that we do not read, store, sell, or otherwise meddle with your friends list. We also will never post anything to your network without your knowledge and explicit approval.

We only ask Facebook for your name (so we may politely greet you in any correspondence), your email address (so we know who to contact if our service changes or to tell you other important stuff like tips on your stolen bike),  and a default postal code (so we can ensure that we only send you notifications pertinent to you). All in the name of saving you some time typing.

Facebook divvies up levels of access to profile info in chunks, so when we ask for the most basic level of permission there is more info included than we are actually requesting. And your privacy settings will control what we get in that package. But don't worry, we protect it like our bicycles and are very respectful of your privacy.

We aren't evil geniuses trying to game your privacy, but some sites may be, and the privacy settings of most of the networks can be really hard to find or confusing. To help you out, check out our tips on how to secure each of your social networks.

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