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Why do you want to know my location?

Why do you want to know my location?

We're not doing anything nefarious, we promise. We simply want to be smart about the notifications that we send you. You don't really need a notification about a bike that was stolen in Denver if you are in San Francisco. Or, even if you are in Seattle and the bike was stolen in Tacoma. We limit notifications to those incidents within a 10 mile radius so that we don't bug you if there is no way you could help out.

But.. won't that drain my phone battery?

It shouldn't more than any app you use on your phone. We only use the location services when your phone moves a lot (like over a mile), which can be determined by wifi and cell phone towers instead of the more battery-hogging GPS. Then, we quickly pause location services again. So you should see very little battery drain due to our app.

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