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What are the benefits of enabling notifications?

The philosophy behind the 529 Garage is that as a group we can do more than as a sea of individuals. Including help get stolen bikes back to their rightful owners.

When your bike is stolen, you certainly will be happier if you have 1000 people looking for your bike than to be all on your own. We ask that you return the favor by opting in to notifications for the rest of the community's bikes. You help, we all help. Bikes get returned. It's really that simple.

Is my phone going to be buzzing all the time?

Not at all. While bike theft is a huge problem, (a bike is stolen every 30 seconds in the US), that doesn't mean you'll be constantly notified. We get smart about only showing you notifications of bike theft incidents near you. That's why we'll also ask you to allow us to use keep up with your location (on the very next screen in fact!). We expect you'll end up seeing very few notifications from us, and only the ones that you could actually help with.

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