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I registered my bike(s), but when I login now my garage is empty. Where did they go?

This sometimes happens if you login with a different account than you originally used to sign up. And most likely a new account has been created. But don’t worry it’s an easy fix.

Just briefly sign out of our app (Main Menu > Settings > Sign Out), then try with your email address or a different social network and login with that one. Now you should see your bikes. Phew!

If you cannot remember which social network or email you originally used, no worries, just contact us at and we will gladly look it up (after verifying your identity, of course.) 

Then if you would like to link your social networks, first login to the originally used network, and then go into your Settings. Scroll down to find the social network switches (the one you just used to login should be switched On) then switch on whichever other one(s) you would like to use. That will prompt you to login to that network and that way our system will know that all of those logins are you.

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  1. Jon Rowan

    Good afternoon, 

    How do I publish or send out notices or alerts to my 529 community regarding the found bikes that our Police Service has recovered?

    Thank you, 

    Jon Rowan 

    Ottawa Police Service